Shattered Star of Asgard

Getting Eira back

Last episode we’d been ambushed by bandits in the cave we’d taken refuge in. We captured one and drove the others off. In the morning we decided the best way to deal with the bandit, who was a teenage kid, was to pay him to escort us to the edge of the swamp. It went really well, until we ran into a marsh giant.

The marsh giant was big. It was ugly. It hit hard. It had a lot of HP.

Haxe got a critical in his first round that did 81 damage to it. Two bullets from Jericho and it was dead. It lasted a round and a half. The giant had, for some reason, 3000gp and gems worth 750gp.

The rest of the journey to Magnimar proceeded without any problems. Seriously. Money solves EVERYTHING. We paid the guy, went back into the city, and went shopping.

Oh, in the swamp, at some point we ran across the guy who had led us into the bandit ambush. He was dead when we found him, we promise.

Oh, right, first we went to Heidmarch manner to drop off Eira and get the resurrection ball rolling. Sheila was a little angry and surprised to see us. Turns out, um, the ship we went to the Lady’s Light on? That was not the ship that Sheila had hired to take us there. Whoops. That darn assassin guy!

The ship she HAD hired was waiting anxiously for us to get aboard, and she wasn’t able to delay it any longer, so we said “Sorry!” and they took off without us, presumably cursing us to whatever stupid gods they worship.

Anyway, we explained everything to Sheila. For the low, low price of 36PP, she was able to get Eira resurrected. Everyone has 2PP remaining, except Eira who has 1 and Darmok who has zero.

We had told the reformed bandit that if he met us in four days with his brothers we’d pay him to take us BACK to the Lady’s Light, so we laid low in Magnimar, healing and shopping and doing whatever we wanted to do for three days.

Harlank and Jericho, that’s prime shopping / cat burglaring / bullet forgin’ time. Your take from the swamp was 700gp per person. Hooray!

We left Magnimar with our spirits high, our potions a-janglin’, and our purses not-a-janglin’, and got back to the edge of the Mush Fens

Mush Fens:
pop: ?
elevation: 1
motto: “What was that?”

Sure enough, our new friend Bogwhip and his two brothers were there waiting for us. For the low-to-us, high-for-them price of 10gp per brother per day, we got the FINEST of escorts to Lake Ugh (Gallows Lake? something?), near the base of the peninsula that leads to the Lady’s Light. Seriously, great escorting. We did see a dragon fly by, but it didn’t see us.

Anyway, from the lake we proceeded toward the Lady’s Light. We passed a couple of cave entrances but wisely avoided them. Then we found a small village and wisely walked right into the middle of it.

Did I say wisely?

We tried being friendly. We really, really tried. Haxe was very polite.

Anyway, now we’re in combat with a bunch of toad-looking dudes.

Toad-Looking Village
Pop: 8ish?
Elevation: 4
Motto: CROAK



SteoanK SteoanK

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