Shard of Pride


Shard pride

The Shard of Pride is one piece of the Sihedron (also called the Shattered Star) made from horacalcum, which is a coppery Skymetal. It’s owner can cast a major image spell daily. The curse of this shard results in the owner experiencing delusions of grandeur. Additionally the owner is sickened when serving another creature.

Once an Ioun Stone was place within the crevice of the shard, the curse is lifted and no negative effects hamper the holder.


The Shard of Pride was recovered from Natalya Vancaskerkin upon defeating her. Darmok was immediately afflicted with an overwhelming sense of pride. Once the party brought the shard back to Heidmarch Manor, Sheila was successful in dispelling the shards curse with the correct Ioun Stone. Now the party is able to use it’s ability without any negative effects. Focusing energy into the shard, the next closest shard has been revealed to be somewhere around The Crow…

Shard of Pride

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