Shattered Star of Asgard

Well then.....

Rogue’s log: Shard date 201306.24

Well that was an interesting trip…

Many changes are occurring quickly in my life. I have gained a great deal of skill in the area of sneaking and shanking, lying and disguising, along with breaking and entering. Seemingly not enough though…as that freaking fireball pointed out. I guess I’ll have to go back to that shop during the day and do a little more recon before making another attempt for that armor. I really don’t have much of a a choice though with the people we have coming after us and the dangers ahead. The assassin would have taken out ANY of the rest of the party if he had not chosen to start with Haxe, so I definitely need an upgrade in my armor and might even have to look into a buckler for the extra protection. Too bad that will slow my arm on that side down.

Note to self….get a pair of daggers just like the assassin’s….they apparently ROCK!

In other important happenings: I need to head back down to the waterfront and find more people that have lost their memories: 500 gp apiece is a great way to start saving up to start my business.

Oh right…I was intending to make a log…. Well after returning to the manor with the shard of greed, the correct ioun stone was combined with the shard to inactivate the negative properties. The group then did a bit of searching for Haxe (who had apparently left on a vision quest and was perfectly fine), I did a bit of browsing for some mithril and mithril armor to “acquire,” and we left to try to retrieve the Shard of Lust from a somewhat nearby location. While traveling by ship the assassin made his first (and nearly successful) attempt to take us out but retreated after the 5 of us gathered to stop him. Right now we are about to do something that might be very stupid, but the dwarf wants what he wants and it will be interesting to see what he finds.

Avoid the assassin….pray that he does not come back before the Ring of sustenance starts working….
Upgrade Armor
Upgrade weapons
Start looking for people for my new buisness, particularly my assistant manager.
Help Eira find her friend


SteoanK Harlank

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