Shattered Star of Asgard

The Shard of Greed!

Jericho shows up at the bottom of the stairs with the party as two fearsome eight legged monsters attack with their claws. In the center of the room sits a pedestal shaped as a seven pointed star and a shard sits in a indent of the sihedron. The monsters shoot webs attempting to slow down the party but the party is fast and rushes up to meet them in melee before too much damage can be done.

Harlank casts major image through the shard of pride and creates a tunnel of fire in a straight line towards the pedestal. He runs through to grab the shard indented on top.

The creatures seem unaffected by this illusion, and disperse it with a slash of their claws. Darmok rolled a crit and confirmed with another 20 and stuck his whole arm through the monsters abdomen. A third monster appears behind the party but all three are taken out after dishing out many devastating claw and bite attacks. The poison from the bite was vicious.

Harlank had been sickened throughout the battle after grabbing the new shard. The party later determined that this may in fact be the shard of greed. It was eventually given to Haxe to hold. The party planned to go back to town and get the correct ioun stone to counteract the curse before but was stopped by an imposing female derro who threw bombs at the part as they approached the hall at the top.

This is where things turned rotten.

Harlank cast obscuring mist on the party to stop the derro from getting a lock on with the bombs. Darmok rushed towards her and attacked. The derro drank a potion and disappeared before him. Following him was Haxe who rushed towards the derro as well only to find Darmok there alone. Darmok left the area and announced to the party that the derro had drank a potion and turned into Haxe!

At this point, Eira decided to try and open a door to the south, and was immediately attacked by a darkmantle and a mold slime! Harlank dispersed the obscuring mist, and lo and behold where the enemy had been Haxe is there standing. Those with ranged started shooting at Haxe and Darmok rushed him. Both Darmok and Harlank standing to attack Haxe fell asleep at his feet after stunning the raging barbarian. Unable to move but looking quite pissed, Eira tried to investigate after Jericho had a hunch that something was quite right here. Eira was then sneak attacked by the derro who had been invisible! Something wasn’t right here, and the party halted their efforts against Haxe and started again on the derro. Another female derro appeared behind a third door and started casting spells at the party but was quickly decimated by Haxe. Darmok began trying to grapple her as she threw bombs and attacked with her aklys. During this, Harlank went to Jericho’s aid who had been dropped by the escaping monsters (darkmantle and slime) Both would end up falling multiple times and becoming engulfed by the slime. After the derro was pinned the party was able to focus on the other monsters and eventually triumphed. During the battle Eira was able to heal some of the ability damage the party sustained. Not caring for mercy, Haxe took the derro’s head off.

A familiar male voice was heard behind the door of the third female derro, and it turned out to be fenster the blight who had not recollection of how he got down here.

The party found a headband of vast intelligence on alchemist derro, along with a set of keys.


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